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festive model making with YP in 16+ accommodation

Our Youth Voice and Participation Worker, Freddie, has been visiting our properties and offering some engagement activities with our young people. Last week, YP took part in some clay modelling with a Christmas theme.

Freddie said the purpose of the activity was to help YP get into the festive spirit and get creative with some clay. 'They engaged well and really enjoy doing practical activities.' Freddie explained.

Snowman and santa clay models made by young people
models made by YP

Clay models of snowman, santa going down chimney, house with snow, santa and a turkey and bowls of potatoes and vegetables
Christmas dinner included!

Other activities that Freddie has lead recently include pumpkin carving and baking. 'YP made this amazing brownie! It was delicious and they had a great time putting it together - and, of course, eating it!'

cookie dough chocolate brownie ready to go into over with hand putting in pieces of cookie dough

baked cookie dough chocolate brownie
delicious cookie dough chocolate brownie

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