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employability success for students at asphaleia training

Updated: May 26, 2021

Our employability students from 2020 are celebrating success this month, as their certificates arrived to confirm they have passed their level 1 employability with NCFE!

Students and staff had to get creative during 2020 to ensure work could be completed throughout COVID-19. We utilised online learning and small classes in our COVID-19 secure centres to keep students progressing through their programmes.

We are extremely proud that these students maintained a high level of work in order to complete their level 1 award. Not only were the methods of learning difficult, but it was an unsettling time and they showed their resilience throughout.

Students studied: mindset skills, CV writing, creative thinking at work, and motivation, in order to complete the qualification. Students are now progressing to learn about social media, ICT at work, customer service, job search and training skills, and more in order to achieve level 2.

One student explained the following about his time on the course:

“The employability course at asphaleia is entertaining and high quality. I have learnt useful skills for the future that I had not learnt before. I learnt so much about how to get a good CV, how to perform in an interview, how to behave in a work environment and how to handle yourself. I am now employed and I recognise that I wouldn’t have had the documents or skills if not for this course. I have a big appreciation for my teacher,. It was smashing. I am excited for level 2.”

A big well done to all of our students, and we are looking forward to your level 2 success!


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