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care young people celebrate achievement

Updated: May 26, 2021

Many of us are familiar with the way in which incentives can help us achieve our goals. I can remember being offered a reward for finishing a maths or English workbook outside of school, or completing a household chore.

At the start of 2021, asphaleia care introduced a rewards scheme for our young people in our care services. The intention is to not only inspire motivation, but to acknowledge the commitment, achievements, and great contributions that we were seeing from young people.

Young people who live in our accommodation are able to work towards our House Proud reward. This requires every member of the household to abide by the rules of the house, keep to curfew, and participate house meetings and the maintenance of the property. The reward is money towards a takeaway or ingredients for a meal they will cook and eat together.

Another reward is for the completion of our Housemate and Flatmate programmes. These equip our residents with the skills they need to share a home with others and to develop independent living skills.

If they complete Housemate or a module of Flatmate, they receive an amount that they can put towards items to personalise their room.

housemate certificate presentation

At one of our properties, staff recently presented four young people with their certificates for completing Housemate.

Staff then took two of the young people to a couple of shops to choose items for their bedrooms. One chose a fleece blanket and a tall mirror, whilst another purchased a rug and fleece blanket.

UK Harvest certificate presentation

Also, at the same property, staff presented all four young people with their certificates for completion of the 6-week online UK Harvest cookery programme.

young people with their UK Harvest certificates

Well done to all young people in our care services for taking steps towards realising their potential!


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