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asphaleia's social values; local community

Since its inception, asphaleia’s mission can be summed up with one word: Impact.

As well as having a positive impact on young people and the community through the services we provide, in our day-to-day delivery asphaleia prioritises practices that ensure our presence in the community has wider benefit.

Our values; to consider the world of others, demonstrate value, and do everything well, extend to how we affect the environment and local communities where we operate. We want to share the actions we have taken to mitigate our environmental impact and to support the local community, as well as plans we have to develop our social value further.

In this post, the focus will be on our actions to benefit the local community.

Some data:

  • We employ a minimum of 90% local staff for our services.

  • We use a minimum of 5 local tradespeople for maintenance work.

  • 100% of employed staff will receive training each year.

  • 100% of employed staff participate in a minimum of 1 training session per year.

  • We organise 1 Learning & Development Week for all staff per year.

  • At least 100 West Sussex young people aged 16-24 will receive English, maths, employability training on asphaleia courses.

  • All staff have 7.5 hours of pro rata leave for volunteering.

social value events in the community

It is our aim to run a minimum of 1 community initiative per year to benefit the local community, involving staff and young people and led by feedback/interests of young people and staff.

Previously we have sponsored a public flower bed in Worthing, which was maintained by staff/young people, participated in beach clean-up days, and run community sports days.

two staff members stand at the top of asphaleia's flowerbed on worthing's seafront

We also aim to run at least one outward focussed activity connecting our service users with vulnerable, isolated, lonely people. For example, ESOL students took part in the Postcards of Kindness initiative and sent cards to the elderly in care homes.

two postcards with painted pictures on of flowers

text on a postcard that says I wish you all the best for you. Everything will be okay.

If you’d like to know anything more about these actions, or have any suggestions, we’d be happy to hear from you. Please visit our contact info page and send us a message.


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