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asphaleia retains investors in people accreditation

Last month, asphaleia welcomed an IIP inspector to carry out our Investors in People assessment and we are thrilled to share that we have retained our accreditation and achieved ‘We Invest in People’ standard!

We want to thank all asphaleia staff for their contribution and dedication, this is a great achievement for all of us. This accreditation means that every single person is involved in supporting each other and is doing their best to make work better.

Investors in People logo

Our Investors in People assessment was another great opportunity for us to hear from staff and to keep our organisation growing and developing, as well as being delighted to receive such positive feedback:

“Overall, this was a favourable assessment with a well-deserved outcome of retaining your accreditation.”

“The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and people are clearly proud of what you do. They feel supported in their work and trusted to do what is right for the young people.”

“People feel valued and that recognition is given, as well as getting development and feedback to improve.”

“You should be really proud of the outcome of this assessment.”

The retention of the IIP standard is a testament to all our staff who remain committed to supporting asphaleia’s mission statement; to impact as many lives of children and young people who have experienced disadvantage as we can. Retaining the standard is invaluable in affirming all the positive work that takes place daily.


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