anti-bullying week 2021 at asphaleia

The 15th-19th of November was Anti-Bullying Week and it is an event that we participate in every year to educate and bring awareness to the issue of bullying, in all its forms.

The week began as always with the famous Odd Socks Day. Staff and young people across the organisation wore Odd Socks to spread the message that we all deserve kindness, no matter our differences.

Four pairs of feet all wearing odd socks
One of our foster families got involved!

activities with YP

In one of our ESOL classes, a session was given over to looking at the topic of bullying. The class discussed what bullying is, what forms it can take and what we can do to prevent and report it.

The tutor explained that all the students engaged well and took part in creative activities to express what they had learned about kindness.