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small charity week 2020 - celebrating the work of asphaleia action

Did you know, this week is SMALL Charity week and we are doing BIG things to celebrate the work of asphaleia action and taking part in some of the events and workshops on offer

Our charity, asphaleia action, is a registered charity seeking to contribute to the care, upbringing & advancement of life for children & young people in the UK and internationally. Our approach is all about taking action. Where the most vulnerable children and young people are in need of specialist support, our charity will respond so that we are able to protect and support them through a range of projects and services.​Our projects are responsive and created as a result of need in our communities - we are working hard with local agencies to provide innovative preventative interventions, building resilience and coping strategies for vulnerable children and young people to prevent crisis in the future.

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Today is Small Charity Big Impact Day and is an opportunity to raise awareness of the essential impact that UK small charities have locally, regionally, nationally and internationally! Here are the other events that have gone on this week:

Tuesday 16th was Big Advice Day that included sessions on:

· Fundraising – all areas, from trusts and tenders to legacies and online giving

· Marketing and Digital – PR, email strategies, using analytics tools, social media, search engine optimisation, digital content…

· Business Planning and Strategy

· Finance

· HR and Volunteering

· Governance

· Policy

· Legal

· IT, technology and software support

· Plus many more!

Some of these may be accessible after so take a look at the website to find out.

Wednesday 17th was Policy Day

To mark policy day during Small Charity Week, we will be discussing how small charities can build organisational resilience, considering the impact of covid-19. The Charities Aid Foundation, as part of their Resilience Programme, has identified six characteristics of resilience for small and medium sized charities.

Thursday 18th was Fundraising Day

Fundraising webinars were available to join, which again may be available to watch now, and a chance for action to get involved in a fundraising challenge. It's not too late to do a fundraising challenge for asphaleia action, contact us if you're interested in hosting a sponsored virtual Yoga class, or doing a sponsored run.

Friday 19th June TODAY is Small Charity Big Impact Day

This year, Small Charity Week will be using Small Charity Big Impact Day to raise awareness of the incredible impact that UK small charities have locally, regionally, nationally and internationally!

During this time, now more than ever the effects of small charity week are essential, with much of the work small charities do going unnoticed – maybe because we are so busy doing and don’t have the time to tell everybody what we’re actually doing! So rather than celebrating the few small charity week wants to hear about the many!

Please see our short video clip below highlighting our IMPACT. Let’s get it trending! #SmallCharityBigImpactDay.

Saturday 20th June is Appreciation Day

It is essential to our collective wellbeing that we understand that Small Charities contribute enormously to both the immediate response to the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the long term recovery from it. None of the work would be possible without the determination, hardworking and commitment of the volunteers and staff behind small charities. That is why this year small charity week wants to pay a special tribute and recognise the achievements of all those who have continued their efforts and to those who have been personally affected by COVID-19.

We want to say a big thank you to our SAFE project team and our mental health worker who have shown a deep commitment to our young people and have quickly adapted their work with energy and enthusiasm to ensure yp continue to receive our support and education on staying safe and nurturing their wellbeing.

If you would like to donate to asphaleia action, please visit our homepage and click the donate button at the top! Many thanks!

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