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SAFE west sussex interview a young person about their lockdown experience

Safe West Sussex supports young people across West Sussex who are at risk of Child Sexual Exploitation and interventionists in West Sussex, and on our CSE project in Bromley, continue to deliver sessions to their young people.

Coffee shops and school visits have been replaced with video and audio calls to help in the fight against Covid-19 but we continue to engage those most at need and provide a Safe space in which to talk.

girl on phone

During a Safe session with interventionist Ruby this week L shared her experiences of Covid-19. During the session a few negative things came up, as to be expected, however Ruby encouraged L to think of the positives as well as the negatives and L was able to consider things from a different perspective, which meant the session ended on a more positive note.

the interview

How are you feeling?

I’m feeling okay but I have been struggling with the isolation, it gets me down some days especially the uncertainty of not knowing when it will end.

How has the lockdown affected you?

It has meant that I am unable to see my friends and most importantly my boyfriend. I am missing seeing him every week and miss the things that we do together such as going on trips and having barbecues with our families. I’m also not able to go to college or work and so spend a lot of time indoors. I also miss the people that I live with as I moved back with my family.

What has been the worst bit?

Not seeing my boyfriend, I miss him a lot.

What has been the best bit about lockdown?

I am really enjoying cooking and baking again now that I have the time to do it. I also really enjoy speaking to my boyfriend several times a day, we usually talk in the morning, in the afternoon after I have done my college work and in the evening just before bed. I have also moved back in with my family as I was living in my own flat previously, moving back home has meant that I am not on my own and I have quality time to spend with my family.

What are you looking forward to doing the most once restrictions are lifted?

Seeing all of my friends from college and my boyfriend.

Is there anything you feel you need more support with, asphaleia or otherwise?

No, I feel like I am getting lots of support from everyone. I have my session with you each week which really helps with my wellbeing. I also have video chats with my friends and teachers from college each week and I stay in contact with the staff from my home, we do things like quizzes and bingo each week. I would however like the support to continue!

Thank you L, and to all of you who take part in our sessions each week. It’s lovely to see your faces and to hear how you are doing.

celebrating the positives

During this difficult period, and in life in general, it is important for us to acknowledge the negatives as they are an unavoidable part of life. It is also important to also celebrate the positives and our achievements, sometimes they may be difficult to see but I promise you they are there!

If you feel the negatives in your life outweigh the positive, or if you feel they have become too much for you to deal with, talk them through with someone. As the saying goes...

a problem shared is a problem halved

As always we at asphaleia are here to support you, whether it is focused around your wellbeing and mental health or if you would like some support with your friendships and relationships. Contact and ask to be put in contact with someone from our support projects.

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