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young people create posters about staying healthy during lockdown - winner announced!

asphaleia is still operating during this lockdown period in the coronavirus pandemic. We work with many vulnerable young people and our services have adapted to work within the government guidelines whilst still providing training and further education to students, housing, mental health support, CSE intervention, and fostering services.

The young people we work with continue to inspire us with their resilience in the face of such upheaval and stress. We are proud of them all and what they are achieving at this present time.

In order to bring some fun and motivation into our remote engagement with our young people, we are hosting competitions with some awesome prizes to be won and this week we are announcing the winners of our first young people competition.

poster competition

Safe West Sussex ran a poster competition to encourage young people to support each other during this difficult time. As staying at home is hard but necessary they asked young people to design a poster sharing their top tips for keeping safe, healthy, and happy during lockdown! The prize is a £20 voucher for Just Eat so the winner can treat themselves and their household to a delicious takeaway!

They received so many fantastic entries. Not to sound cliched, but it was hard to choose a winner and a runner up. So without further ado, we present our runner up and winning entries!

the runner up

young person poster stay healthy be happy be safe

Our runner up, was chosen because we liked the way they made a collage. It was different to all of the others but still sent a clear message about staying healthy.

Well done!

the winner!

poster about lockdown 2020

We chose this poster as our winner as it ticked all of the boxes and is fantastically visual. A £20 Just Eat voucher is on its way to the artist!


Well done to all the entrants and thank you for taking part!

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