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coronavirus support for our charity's KABOR Project

We have a fantastic team in Sierra Leone who have been running The Kabor Project since 2004, providing vital support and training to some of the most disadvantaged children, young women and adults in our world today.

what is Kabor?

Kabor is a unique local project, led and managed by local people seeking their own solutions. They have a training centre where they teach vocational skills to women and provide childcare. The project was birthed when one of our staff members, who is from Sierra Leone, dreamed of going back to her country to open a training centre to equip women affected by the civil war to earn a living and provide for their families. The past 16 years has seen them grow and establish this centre and have an incredible impact on the community.

Kabor and the current pandemic

Unfortunately, the Kabor training centre has now closed due to government coronavirus guidelines. There are still many young people who are still on work experience at various catering/hairdressing/tailoring etc establishments locally, however, they face several challenges currently (coronavirus shutdowns, lack of funds to buy their own equipment such as sewing machines etc, lack of childcare as the Kabor creche has been forced to close down due to lack of funds initially and more recently coronavirus restrictions).

Kabor works with local farmers and farming activities are still continuing which has been very successful but challenging as lack of equipment means very hard manual labour.

what do they need?

Kabor does not currently receive any funding from the government to support all the staff who have lost their livelihoods due to the virus shutdown. We urgently need donations towards salaries for staff so they can survive until we resume services again. This is approx. £1,000 per month. £50 would buy a sewing machine. £500 would buy enough farming equipment to make a huge difference to farming activities and output. People can donate £10 towards a meal for a staff member and their family.

The Ebola outbreak a few years ago had a devastating effect on the country and some of our staff and young people. We would like to support them as much as possible with this current virus outbreak so people can afford to social distance and not be forced to go out in the community to work.

To donate please click here

Thank you for your continued support!

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