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UASC specialism 

asphaleia originated out of a desire to accommodate UASC who were newly arrived in the country. Over the past two decades we have built significant experience and expertise in working with UASC and worked with many local authorities providing a package of support that meet's young people's physical, mental and emotional needs. We have also retained staff who are passionate about developing their skills in providing services for UASC. 

we offer tailored specialist services

These include:

  • Reception service

  • Accommodation and support

  • Fostering placements

  • Trafficked accommodation and support services

  • Education (52 weeks of the year)

  • ESOL from native illiteracy

  • Mental health support

We work in partnership with the Refugee Council. 

we're proud of what our young people have achieved...

engaging with mental health support

moved into independent living

set up a YouTube channel to offer educational videos to people in their home country

attended mainstream school or college

joined our ESOL programs and gained qualifications

completed our housemate and flatmate programmes

been awarded a scholarship for university 

helped us interview new staff

To discuss further, please email or phone on 01903 522966.  

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