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wellbeing with sally; digital wellbeing

Hi all, I hope that you are all well and getting through the Winter months okay.


Since we have just had Safer Internet Day on the 6th of February, it would be good to reflect on keeping our wellbeing in a good place when we are online.

Online wellbeing is about being aware of how being online can make us feel and ensuring that we keep ourselves safe in terms of protecting ourselves, and others around us, when we communicate digitally.

A teenage boy looks down at the phone in his hand and is smiling


Here are some points and reflections:


  • Much of our online wellbeing can be influenced by content that we see and how we chat/have interactions with others. Often comments can feel insulting and hurtful, just as they would in person in our daily life.

  • It is tough not to make comparisons with others. It can often look like other people have great and amazing lives from what we see online, and  by making this comparison to ourselves, it can cause low, anxious or inadequate feelings.

A person's hands are holding up a phone as they video a live event

  • Moods can often be affected by the level of reaction that posts may or may not get.

  • Not all people are kind online. Some people can be hurtful and might say things to deliberately (or not) hurt people or even troll them.

  • Being online for a great deal of time might mean that you are missing out on real life connections.

tips for handling the above for your digital wellbeing

  1. Remember that it is only content and chosen content - take the good bits from it.

  2. If you feel you have been insulted or hurt by comments that someone has posted, then report and block. You have the control and will feel better for it.

  3. Remember that people are mostly posting the highlights and good bits of their lives, and therefore it is not a true comparison. People often post the ideal things in life….with filters etc… You’re amazing as you are!

  4. If you are happy with something you posted, then it is enough to just stand by that. Yes it is nice to get reactions, or for the post to ‘blow up’. But you posted it because it means something to you, that’s the important bit!

  5. There are many positives to being out there socialising in person. Being online can be great and fun but also get out there and shine, mingle, laugh and chat. It will give you that balance and it is good for us as humans to interact in person.

Have fun, and keep your wellbeing safe when online.

See ya next time,



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