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house support worker vacancy at asphaleia

Four plant pots with small seedlings growing in them from one of our supported accommodation properties
A planting activity from one of our supported accommodation services

We are currently recruiting for a House Support Worker to join our care team and to give you more insight into the role, here is the experience of a current House Support Worker within our team:

what do you enjoy most about being a House Support Worker?

The thing I enjoy most about being a house support worker is undoubtedly working with the young people. No two days are the same, and each of their personal situations are entirely different. Trying to make a homely environment for them in which they feel valued, welcome and safe is a crucial aspect of the job. The reward for creating this environment, is seeing a young person’s face illuminated by a big smile every time one begins a new shift, it’s priceless.

How has it helped your personal development?

Working with young people from such a diversity of cultures and backgrounds has helped me develop into a far more tolerant, understanding and knowledgeable person. If one takes the time to listen, the plethora of knowledge and experience that each young person possesses, can illuminate the world in a way it would otherwise take a lifetime to learn. 

The role is based in Sussex and you can find out more about it on our Indeed page.


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