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ESOL students visit splashpoint leisure centre and talk careers

Last Thursday, a group of our ESOL students visited Splashpoint leisure centre in Worthing. The purpose of the trip was to enabling our students to practice their English outside of the classroom, increasing their confidence, as well as introducing them to career options in the leisure industry.

Therefore, before they set out, the students prepared some questions regarding the type of jobs there are in a centre like this including general information questions and questions regarding the membership.

The young people practiced their language skills, and they learned to use a different register when addressing professionals.

Staff were impressed with the group's exceptional behaviour. All of the students were very polite, they were listening carefully, and during our tour around the centre they were respectful of the customers using the facilities.

To find out more about our ESOL programme for 16-18 year-olds, click here.


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