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cooking skills for 16+ accommodation young people

Staff in our 16+ and 18+ accommodation have been hosting 'Come Dine With Me' evenings with young people living in one of our properties.

The evening involves YP working together with each other and staff to create an evening meal. Each meal is cooked from scratch mostly and enjoyed by them all afterwards!

Dishes made so far include: chicken tikka masala, lasagne, macaroni cheese, and homemade beef burgers. The favourite was chicken tikka masala with lasagne coming in a close second.

This week, YP will start baking also and I'm sure those with a sweet tooth will be pleased to participate!

Preparing YP for living independently is an important part of our key work with service users. As part of these cooking evenings, they have learned techniques like how to chop an onion correctly and how to make meals from scratch getting the right balance of herbs and spices to create a tasty flavour.

To find out more about our support services for children and young people, including our 16+ accommodation services, click here.


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