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students get careers talk and tour from the track's community manager

Recently, students based at our Worthing centre took a trip to Bognor, where they joined our students based at The Track and had a tour. The Track's Community Manager, Georgia Alston, showed the group around the workspaces that are used throughout for the week for remote workers and business owners.

asphaleia's space at The Track in Bognor

Georgia works with various employers and service providers across Bognor and also offers help and support to those starting up their own businesses. She chatted with the students about her background and her journey through education and university, from wanting to become an actress, to working in radio stations to conquering the ice cream world with her mother.

Students heard about how Georgia’s mother had a business running an ice cream van and wanted to develop it further by moving into the hospitality industry. Starting off small they grew into hosting at private parties for various celebrities such as Johnny Depp and Bernie Ecclestone.

Georgia spoke about the difficulties she experienced working with Italian suppliers in a male dominant environment where she felt she wasn’t taken seriously. She decided to learn Italian to help overcome this barrier.

Georgia and her mother continue to inspire and are always looking to work with those that are unemployed and to make a difference within their community in Bognor.

Our students enjoyed a very inspiring session where they asked questions about setting up their own business and the qualities that are needed to be successful. Georgia's top three were self belief, hard work and resilience.

We are pleased to be delivering our employability programmes in such a creative space with passionate people. To find out more about our programmes, please click here.

about The Track

The_Track is a creative coworking and office space for freelancers, start-ups, small businesses and social enterprises in Bognor Regis. Offering you an inspiring environment to work in and connect with other like minded business people. To find out more, please visit their website.


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