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ESOL students visit YMCA

Recently a small group of our OnTrack ESOL students took a trip outside of the classroom to enhance their learning. They went to the YMCA in Worthing and the students in attendance will be taking their Functional Skills Entry 1 exam soon.

The purpose of the trip was to support their learning on topics such as recycling and charities. Tutors prepared a worksheet and pre-taught vocabulary around this topic.

On the visit the students chose three items they and their teachers might like, basing their judgments on size and cost. Using this language outside of the classroom is an effective way of helping the vocabulary move into the students' long-term memories. This topic will be visited further during the next lesson to expand on and revise the language and ideas covered.

The students were engaged in the session and it was another opportunity for them to grow their confidence in using English outside of the classroom.


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