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employability students discuss bullying for anti-bullying week 2020

For this year's Anti-Bullying week, our student ambassador made an eye catching poster with useful support numbers.

Using this as inspiration, other students had a lesson in Employability on bullying, including watching a video on Youtube and looking at some familiar faces and how they coped with being bullied at school, like Jessie J and Rianna.

Some students felt confident enough to share their own personal experiences of bullying, and wrote down how it made them feel. We also spoke about why people are bullied and the group came up with the term “differences” to cover all reasons why people get bullied.

Students then used our student ambassadors poster as inspiration to create some of their own, before discussing what they thought asphaleia’s bullying policy was and what it should be. Students said they would never expect to be bullied here due to small groups and getting on with each other, and commented that they felt safe here and knew to speak to tutors if for any reason they didn’t.

At asphaleia we pride ourselves on creating an alternative and safe environment for students who may have had experiences in the past that have impacted them negatively at school. Due to this it was hugely important to engage our students in anti-bullying week, and it was great to see our student ambassador leading the week with an informative and creative piece of work.

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