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accommodation services for looked after children and young people in the south east

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We provide supported accommodation for young people and pride ourselves on high quality, effective provision. We own our own portfolio of properties and also rent from local landlords and letting agents in the South East of England. 

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When both renting and using our owned properties, we uphold high standards of upkeep and health and safety, taking full responsibility for the accommodation whilst supporting the young people residing there. 

Our precautionary methods include risk assessments, safeguarding toolkits, utility inspections, weekly/monthly/annual property inspections, young people's room checks, ILS with service users, and positive neighbour relations. 

We get to know our local area and build relationships with the community to succeed in living harmoniously and supporting the community.

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Our asphaleia mission is to impact young people and see them reach their full potential. We provide our residents with more than just a place to lay their heads at night. We provide a safe and homely environment where they are supported by friendly and kind staff to learn independent living skills that will prepare them for where they move on to. 

We aim for a positive environment where we have high expectations that we support service users to achieve, helping them to recognise and unleash their own potential. Staff work to engage residents with events such as cooking together, games nights, and movie nights. 

Residents receive rewards that incentivise them to maintain the property well by working together, and also individually managing their own spaces. 

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Living independently at the young age of 18 can be overwhelming. We want to do all we can in the time we have with a service user to prepare them for what is involved in living independently. 


We deliver unique programmes to all residents that enable them to learn the skills needed to be a member of a household, and later on, to be living independently.


Staff provide young people with one-to-one sessions where they help them with applying for benefits, managing money, getting appointments, applying for jobs, and being healthy. 

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Visit our contact info page, or email us, or call on 01903 522966. 

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