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young person completes our flatmate programme

We are thrilled to share that one of the young people who lives in our semi-independent accommodation has complete our Flatmate Programme. This programme teaches YP independent living skills and forms the basis of some keywork sessions our staff do with YP.

The staff member asked P how he found the key work they had done over the year. He said it was helpful and reflected on how what he was taught that he has put into practice.

He said he remembers when the cleaners first came to the flat and he did not know who they were and so he asked them for ID. P also said sometimes when he visits other places, he looks around to see if they have things like smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors as he understands this is important.

P also remembered when someone came to the door looking for someone who did not live here anymore and they wanted to know who was living in the house, he would not let him in and gave them asphaleia's number. The visitor turned out to be a debt collector and so P did the right thing.

P said there are lots of little useful tips he has learned, some he is yet to put into practice like not filling the kettle up when he only wants one cup of tea!

Congratulations P!


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