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winter programme activity in training

In the week before Christmas, asphaleia training ran an engagement winter programme. The aim of our holiday programmes is to engage young people not in work or education in a fun and relaxed learning environment that can hopefully inspire them to come into the classroom to undertake an employability programme. It also engages current students at a time when there may not be much else to do, offering them the chance to develop further skills and opportunities to build friendships together.

Our On Track students started off the week by putting their minds together and creating their very own Christmas advert to get into the holiday spirit.

They did some research and watched some old adverts and then planned out our own using storyboards and creating their own characters and themes.

During the following days students created Christmas cards to send to care homes and made their own Christmas crackers. They also completed a Christmas Quiz and watched a Christmas film.

Our ESOL students did a photography/orienteering trip around Worthing. Their task was to locate all the toy soldiers.

All students had a celebration day at the end of the week where they were presented with participation certificates and shared some cake.


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