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wellbeing with sally; reasons to feel positive in january

Hi everyone, happy new year!

I hope that you had a fantastic time over the Xmas period and had some quality time with people that you are close to.

It’s that time of year again where we feel the winter months taking their toll. So here are 8 reasons to feel good in January:

1. More daylight is on its way! From the 18th January we will see a full extra hour of daylight each day and this will gradually increase. This makes it easier to get out of bed in the mornings, and when the sun is out, we'll get that vital vitamin D.

2. The sales are on! There is no better time to go hunting for some bargains than right now. Just make sure that your buys are more of an investment purchase rather than a flash in the pan.

3. Cold walks never felt so good! As strange as this sounds they are actually a great thing. What could be more invigorating than a cold walk! And it’s so lovely coming into the warm after….and grabbing a hot choccy!

4. January is the best time of month for films! Whether it’s one you have seen or have been meaning to see, get the remotes out and snuggle up to something you will enjoy. Or even go to the cinema if you want to venture out.

5. Spring flowers! The daffodils always pop up earlier than you expect, and are a lovely reminder that spring is on its way. Look out for the beautiful snowdrops, usually the first to arrive.

6. It’s the best time to book a holiday, a staycation, or camping! So whatever your preference, or what your budget will allow, get online and have a look at some of the deals that are going, do this with family or friends and share your ideas. Plan something lovely that you can look forward to.

7. If you’re a football fan, then you’ll know that the ‘transfer window’ is now open and has been since 3rd January. This can be an exciting month for finding out how and if your team is changing… or if they are getting any new players.

8. It’s the start of a fresh new year of opportunities! What a nice thought!

Have a great January everyone! Look after yourselves. 😊

This content is general information only, not advice. If you or someone you know is struggling with a mental health issue, please contact a mental health professional or contact the Samaritans.


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