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week 3 of our summer programme; a student's story

So far August has been a month filled with celebrations and exciting activities for our young people with various trips to places such as Cissbury Ring and Brighton, as well as creative arts activities including t-shirt making and ornament creations.

Joining a new learning centre can be daunting for most people, but our new young people have been settling into the activities and joining in with our current students with ease.

young person’s story:

“Before coming to asphaleia I had not been in school for more than a year and was worried to join a new place with new people. Before summer I was doing sessions at asphaleia on a project with Celia, which was just me and her to build up confidence and prepare for class. This was good but I was still worried about joining a group.

The summer programme has been a great time to start for me. First off I was a bit reluctant to come to school on what would have been summer holidays but I’m very glad I did.

It has meant I can get to know other people who will be in my class in September without the pressure of doing work or feeling bad about not knowing as much as other people.

I have also got to know all the other staff members including my tutors for September, which makes me feel better. It’s been really relaxed and a lot of fun. My favourite thing was going to the cinema as I haven’t been in years. I’ve already met a couple of people I get on with well and I have arranged with the staff to be put in a class with them in September, which makes me excited for the rest of the year.”


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