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safe project delivers ESOL workshop on celebrating our differences

Over the lockdown period, the Safe Project has been delivering wellbeing sessions at the training centre. Entering lockdown again has put a strain on everyone’s wellbeing, especially those who are most vulnerable.

The Safe project has been holding weekly workshops at the training centre in Worthing to help support our young people. We have been discussing things like coping mechanisms and digital wellbeing in addition to doing some fun, relaxing activities writing postcards to care homes.

With our ESOL students, we have also covered topics around types of relationships, what makes us happy, and what makes us different. Being a place where such a diverse groups of people all come together in the same place, we wanted to celebrate the diversity of our young people.

We took the opportunity of our ‘what makes us different’ workshop to celebrate this diversity and encourage the young people to be proud of their differences.

For those students who know less English, we learnt how to talk about our differences, for example, our gender, age, hobbies, country of origin, and languages we can speak. In higher level ESOL classes, we looked at the Equality Act 2010 and talked about why equality and diversity are important and valuable.

We also drew some art on the topic of diversity. I asked the students to draw or write on a puzzle piece something that they are proud of or that makes them unique. Many drew flags from their home countries and used this as a chance to practice their English writing.

We used these to make a display board in one of the classrooms with the statement ‘We all fit together’. This will serve as a reminder to all of our students that we value and celebrate their diverse backgrounds.


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