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it's exam week for our ESOL students

For many of our international ESOL students who have never had any formal schooling, their time studying at asphaleia is their first experience of education – and you can’t have education without exams! During the week commencing 5th of February, students will sit exams and tutors have been preparing them in recent weeks so they can know what to expect.

The purpose of our OnTrack programme is to prepare our young people for further education and employment. Passing an English or maths exam in another language shows a huge commitment to studying and will hopefully set the young people off on a path of academic and career success.

six students sitting around a table in a classroom taking part in a craft activity
ESOL students enjoying an engagement activity - a nice break from exams!

For maths, the young people need to learn shape names and answer questions about money, days and dates, all of which are helpful for their day to day lives.

For English exams, the students need to learn to read an article and answer questions about it, write a letter, complete a spelling test and take part in a 1-1 discussion, or even a group discussion.

Abu, an ESOL student, said, “We prepared for the exams in lessons, learning how to write messages. The tutors would check my punctuation, spelling and grammar. I was so nervous but on the day the exam wasn’t too bad. My English has improved a lot. I was so proud when I got the certificate!”

Tutor Ben, said, “It takes years to learn a language and at asphaleia we build the foundation of knowledge, so that our students can communicate well in English in the future.”

asphaleia's ESOL provision runs all year round in Worthing, West Sussex, for 16+ students and supports students at all levels of English, including those who are complete beginners.


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