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independent visiting service moves on to new provider

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

At the end of February, the Independent Visiting Service moved on from asphaleia to a new provider. It has been a privilege to deliver the Independent Visiting Service for London Borough of Bromley over the past four and a half years.

Our mission is to impact as many disadvantaged young people as we can and the IV Service enabled us to do just that by providing essential support from an independent person to young people in care. It has been great to see positive and impactful friendships flourish.

In this summary we want to share what the service has achieved with us and the impact it has had on yp.

match stories - Matched for nearly 4 years, when asked about their best ever visit idea this YP said, ‘I like everything we do’. Their IV has been supportive in lots of areas of their life, including education by giving revision tips and for one visit they wrote math's questions and studied in the park.

In order to support the YP with being healthy and managing money, they agreed together to alternate visits between healthy/free visits and 'treat' visits, which tend to be a bit more costly.

- Matched for over five years, this IV is referred to by YP's carer as the most consistent person in this YP's life since she has been in care. The matched ended in January with the YP turning 18 and the IV intends to remain in the YP's life.

- After one positive year of establishing a great friendship, the first lockdown took place and this IV wanted to make sure his YP knew he was still there. He designed a personalised card that included things he knew the YP was fond of, or that they had seen whilst on visits over the past year. The carer reported that the YP carried the card around with him for a few days after receiving it.

- Two YP would consistently feed back that their IV had supported them with travel. One IV specifically worked with his YP on using public transport to the point where the YP was able to meet his IV in central London having not been able to use public transport by himself when they were first match.

YP feedback It's been helpful to have an IV because W has always been there for me, she's been someone to talk to, I've always looked up to her. W has been outstanding at her role. She's a great person and she fit the job.

My IV is wonderful, caring and she helps me with my problems, she is also very kind-hearted.

My IV helps me talk more.

My IV helps me to feel more confident.

They always give me good advice. professionals feedback Social worker - I was in a meeting with C this morning and she mentioned how she enjoys speaking to L, she will be glad she will continue to be matched with her.

Foster carer - We have always had an excellent service, both CLA enjoying having their IV's and due to covid we have had a lot of telephone conversations instead of visits, which have all gone well. Foster carer - Having an IV has meant a lot to my child, they do not have many friends so to have some one else other than me to talk to, a role model and friend has meant a lot to them. They have looked forward to and enjoyed every moment of the visits.

Foster carer - The service does a great job when matching people up, so thank you for all your input.

We are pleased that these positive relationships with continue with the new provider and want to thank all our volunteers for their incredible commitment and contributions to the service.


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