how foster carers can help a child settle in at a new placement

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Imagine this. You're a child who has been told they are going into foster care. Imagine what questions you would have racing around your mind?

Where I would live?

What will my room would look like?

What will the family I live with be like?

Will I see my family or friends again?

It must be scary.

As you know, first impressions count for a lot. So, how can foster carers help a child feel comfortable in their house when they first arrive?

Some carers use food, e.g. the smell of a cake as you walk in the door is so welcoming. It's important to smile and talk to the children as you will be nervous too. Offer for them to have a look around the house and then show them their room.

For you, as a carer, you want them to be happy but for them, they have just left their family so it is important to take little steps.

Remember that trust, respect and care are all things that grow in time, be patient with them and remember how good it feels to laugh. This is a tool you can teach them for life. Relationships take time to build so it's important to be patient.