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foster carers support young person with transition to college

A young person in one of our fostering placements has had a successful start to college at the start of this term, following receiving great GSCE results that enabled them to get a place in their first-choice college and on the courses they wanted to take.

Starting a new stage of education is always a time when adjustments need to be made for both the YP and carer as the new setting brings different requirements and routines.

School is a full day with consistent routines and expectations. College is similar in many ways but also brings in more freedom and independence. In order to support their YP with this transition, the carers sat down with them and talked about the YP's career aspirations and what pathway they would need to take to get there. They taught them about the college interview and how to prepare for it, how to travel there and read the bus timetable.

They also encouraged the YP to buy a college wardrobe as there was no uniform, not that they needed any encouragement!

The carers also went through their own transition as they understood the stage of growth and development their YP was in and that they needed to step back and allow more independence in a safe way. Such as not requiring the YP to be home at a certain time as long as there is communication via phones.

If you think you could provide a safe and nurturing home for a child or young person and can be there for them as they journey through their childhood, click here to find out more about being a carer with asphaleia fostering.


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