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5 sectors that are hiring right now

Many companies and organisations across the UK have closed their doors to help contain the coronavirus pandemic. Restaurants, hairdressers, bars, clothing stores and cinemas were among many other firms told to shut up shop over two months ago. Nevertheless, some sectors in the UK are thriving and urgently seeking to hire more employees. Below we cover some of the sectors calling out for applications.

1. Pharmacies

With the rise in people attending pharmacies for advice, the reduced service for general support at hospitals, and increased concern over obtaining prescriptions pharmacies are currently under great pressure and as a result are hiring widely across the country. Vacancies include dispensers, pharmacists, delivery drivers, and warehouse staff.

An example: Lloyds Pharmacy recently advertised over 1,500 temporary and permanent vacancies.


2. Care Workers

Care workers are vital and there was already a shortage even before Covid-19 took hold. There are always vacancies available and many skills that are desired for these jobs are within many of us – being kind, empathetic and treating people how we would wish to be cared for. As a result of the pandemic services are under greater pressure and companies are begging for applications.

An example: Care provider Home Instead is currently seeking 3,000 compassionate people to join its large group of care workers.

3. Transport & Logistics

Lockdown has prompted a huge surge in home deliveries, as a result, applicants for driving and warehouse operations are urgently in demand at the moment.

An example: Morrisons recently announced it was recruiting 2,500 pickers and drivers, and a further 1,000 staff in its distribution centres.

lorry at a warehouse

4. Supermarket Retailers

UK supermarkets are leading the charge for new staff and sales are stronger than ever. Figures show March was busier than Christmas for supermarkets, with sales increased by over 20%. Supermarkets are recruiting thousands of extra workers, with short application processes and quick start dates.

An example: In March Tesco recruited over 35,000 extra staff over 10 days.

5. Farming & Agriculture

Farms across the country are calling out for fruit and vegetable pickers, as there is a shortage of seasonal labour. This type of work work is typically done by migrants coming in for short-term work, but a combination of Brexit and the coronavirus crisis has meant fewer people are coming in. This can be a tough job and it’s not for anyone but for those who can manage it, now is the perfect time to apply.

people farming

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