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starting your journey to becoming a foster carer with asphaleia

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

The beginning of this year may have and continues to look uncertain for some. Are you thinking of a change of career, are you reevaluating what is important? Fostering may be your next step in your career.

At asphaleia we always strive to adapt and overcome obstacles; Covid-19 being no exception. Our fostering team has been changing and tweaking our ways of working to support enquiries and starting new assessments to become a foster carer, without losing sight of our mission and values.

We understand that making and seeing through the decision to become a foster carer can be daunting. Modern technology has become our best friend overnight! See below the ways we are currently working to support this;

are you looking to expand your horizons with a new career
  • When you enquire about fostering our Fostering Manager would normally visit your home for an informal chat about fostering and the assessment process. At present these visits will be carried out virtually as we feel this is a more personal way than a voice call

  • Home visits; these will also be conducted virtually with you giving the assessor a tour of your home via facetime or other virtual means

  • All forms can be completed electronically and sent by email.

  • During the assessment stage the assessor will need to visit your home. They would usually visit regularly, but at present meetings will be virtual with only 1-2 visits being made in person. We will undertake all measures outlined by the Government guidance to ensure the safety of all. This may mean staff wearing face masks, using hand sanitiser before and after the visit, sitting 2m from you

  • During the assessment you will be required to attend a 3-day skills to foster training course which will take place in our covid-19 secure learning centre.

  • asphaleia will adapt our support throughout the process to the individual. Taking into account their technological skills as well as our assessors.

asphaleia will remain up to date with government guidance and good practice is being documented by CoramBAAF and we update our practices accordingly.

Please pick up the phone to discuss starting your fostering journey with us on 01903 522966 or visit this page for more information.

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