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for young people

Welcome to asphaleia fostering. Our fostering team are pleased you have taken the time to visit our website today.

asphaleia fostering is part of a large organisation called asphaleia. Our organisation is dedicated to making the lives of children and young people better.

We do this through:

  • Education
  • Fostering
  • Projects that work with the most vulnerable young people
  • Listening to the needs of children and young people in our communities
  • Having fun!

To find out more about our organisation, please click here.

Fostering gives us the opportunity to work with children and young people who are under 16. Our team believe that YOU matter. There are many ways that our families will demonstrate this to you:

  • We want to help you get a good education
  • We want you to be happy in your home
  • We want you to be healthy
  • We want you to be safe
  • We want you to make decisions for yourself
  • We want you to be free to follow your own faith and celebrate your culture
  • We want you to make new friends
  • We want to help you feel you belong in your home, your school and your community

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  • Talk to us

    If you have any questions that your foster carer cannot answer, please contact Tendai on 01903 522 966. We would be very happy to answer any questions you have.

  • How to make a complaint

    If you would like to make a complaint, please contact your social worker, Tendai or someone you trust. They can guide in what to do next.

    If you do not want to talk to anyone, you can write to Tendai at: asphaleia fostering, 9 Liverpool Terrace, BN11 1TA or call her on 01903 236522.

    Remember to include your name, what the problem is and would you like to be done about it.

  • Meet Helen, one of our previous fostered children

    My name is Helen. I was 12 years old when I arrived at Gatwick Airport. Gatwick was huge and scary. An auntie was collecting me but when I saw her she was talking to a policeman. To cut a long story short, I did not go to my auntie's house but was taken into foster care. I was really scared and worried when I arrived at my new foster family. But what a surprise - the family was really nice! There were two children, a boy of 14 and a girl, Hannah, about my own age. She was really friendly and smiley. I had my own bedroom which was painted bright blue. I felt really safe.

    After a week or so I started at my new school and made some new friends. I was allowed to invite my friends home after school. I joined clubs at school and a dance class after school. On Saturdays I went shopping with Hannah and her mum which was brilliant. Sometimes we had a burger.

    I was with my foster carers for about two years. I called them my family and Hannah, my sister. We did lots of things together as a family and last summer we went on holiday together. It was really good fun. They made me very happy.

    Names have been changed

  • Some useful sites for you

    asphaleia are on facebook - view our page here.

    Everything you need to know from the Government including education, applying for a driving license and getting help with your career:

    For information on health:

    For information on mental health and emotional wellbeing:

    For information on sexual health:

    Stay safe online following the guidelines here:

    For your guide to the real world visit:

    For information on fostering visit:

    We are always on the lookout for brilliant sites for young people - please let us know if you come across any that you think would be helpful and we will post them on the website.