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asphaleia care offers outreach services at competitive rates for a range of vulnerable young people. Our team are entirely committed to helping any young person in their care make a successful transition into independence. We have been offering outreach for over 10 years and have a very experienced team offering a range of flexible support for young people aged 16-24.

Our outreach service works with disadvantaged young people in their homes to support them in their efforts to live independently and successfully, helping them with a range of skills the team also support them in their education and self care. Our outreach workers visit and enable, befriend, advise and guide the young people at each point of difficulty, empowering them to develop their own range of strategies to flourish as individuals within their community.

The team meet each young person at their particular point of need and provide bespoke solutions to their problems. Our care service offers young people the opportunities to:

  • develop skills to live independently
  • develop increased resilience in order to face the challenges of independent living
  • feel enabled and empowered to speak for themselves in relation to their own needs
  • have contact with an on call manager offering 24 hour support

Outreach support for young people in asphaleia accommodation

During the time that young people live in asphaleia accommodation we will work with them on their independent living skills. This will include one to one work as well as group work.

The team monitor their independent living skills and emotional wellbeing and report their progress to their social worker on a regular basis. After 12 weeks we meet with the young person and their social worker to discuss their progress. During this time there is an on call service offered as part of the outreach support at asphaleia care.

If they are ready to move on they will move into the community under the guidance of their social worker; if they need further support then we will discuss what further work needs to be done with the young person.

The team also work with local organisations such as educational projects, colleges, youth clubs, the police, health service etc to help young people engage fully in their local community. This ensures young people are equipped with the right knowledge about their local area and what is acceptable behaviour in their new environment. It is also a way we can help them to stay safe and aware of who to contact in any circumstance.

Currently our outreach service is offered in Sussex, Kent and West London. Should you wish to talk to us about how we may bring our outreach service to your area, please contact us.

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