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my story

First I was at a village school; then we had to move because of trouble, so I missed a year. When I was 11, I got a scholarship to a secondary school in another town. I was there for three years but I left in the middle of the third year because we had to move again because of the trouble. So I missed three years of my secondary schooling.

In Somalia I didn't go to school for four and a half years. I went to primary school when I was 7 for four months and we had to leave because of the war. We tried to get to Ethiopia but we couldn't get in. For two years we lived under the trees in a place between Ethiopia and Somalia.

We had to move all the time. The army occupied, and we moved away, away, away... and finally I got to Germany. In Germany I attended school for one year while living with my uncle and then I finally joined my father in London. I went to secondary school for two years and then to college. It was pretty terrible. I wouldn't blame anyone - I just couldn't fit. It took two years to improve my English.

Without asphaleia, I wouldn't have learnt English. My confidence has really improved too, I have friends and I am happy.

Name has been changed.

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