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asphaleia care

asphaleia care is the longest running venture at asphaleia and provides accommodation, outreach and support services for young people living across West Sussex, West London and Kent. The team supports professionals working with young people aged 16-24, focussing on their wellbeing, welfare and skills development to aid successful transition into adulthood and independent living. We are committed to making a positive difference to a vulnerable young person who are facing a period of change, uncertainty or in need of support from a significant adult. Service users include:

  • looked after children
  • young offenders
  • young people with BESD
  • care leavers
  • NEET young people (not in education, employment or training)
  • young people with mental health issues
  • pregnant teenagers and young families
  • trafficked young people
  • asylum and refugee young people

Safeguarding and professional working practises support our staff and young people to develop safe and effective professional relationships. Our staff are dedicated and committed to the holistic needs of each young person and individually work to enhance the individual's sense of identity in terms of their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. These include our independent living skills programme, one-to-one support, education programmes through other asphaleia projects and the asphaleia care "flatmate" scheme.

asphaleia care offers additional services to support successful transitions into independent living for young people. These include flexible education projects, learning support, independent living skills and English for speakers of other languages.

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Our staff express the asphaleia values through their commitment and passion to, and for, young people. They solve problems however they can, whilst recognising the importance of delivering our services within a framework of appropriate policy, practice and procedure, ensuring we work together for the best interests of the children and young people we work with.

Over the years, we have developed a particular knowledge and experience base with asylum seeking young people and welcome all young people as individuals on the basis that Every Child Matters.

Our outreach services are mobile and flexible to be delivered in any location. Please navigate around our site to find out more about the specialist care we are able to offer, as well as hear from some of the young people we have worked with. You can also read more about how asphaleia care started the whole asphaleia story here.