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Current Projects

To refer to any of the asphaleia action projects listed below, please email us today. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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Better life

The young people who are supported by Better Life are likely to be disengaged from learning or at high risk of becoming disengaged without specialist support. As well as this, many of the young people will have behavioural, learning, social and/or emotional difficulties.

Working across West Sussex and the London Borough of Hillingdon, specialist support workers, Nikki and Kieran, offer young people aged 11-25 the chance to access support for a period of 12 weeks.

The Better Life project prides itself on working flexibly with all young people and outside agencies it comes into contact with in the hope that this will improve life chances and wellbeing of young people. 

Our Better Life project is now running for a further three years, thanks to funding from The Big Lottery Fund in March 2015. For information on how to refer to this project, please contact us.


The SAFE project aims to reduce the risk of trafficking and sexual exploitation of children and young people in London. It is funded by Comic Relief.

The project will work with 60 young people aged 13-19 who are at risk of trafficking and/or sexual exploitation and manifest risk factors. SAFE will work alongside schools, colleges, children services, local authorities, youth services and other professional organisations to provide a service of helping vulnerable young people identify and address their needs, build on their self confidence and skills, strengthen 'safer' social networks and signpost them to other support services if further needs are identified.

We will:

  • Create a safety plan

When a young person is referred to us under a safety plan as set out by local social services we will advocate for that young person to ensure that all aspects of the plan are fully delivered.

  • Provide a 12 week mentoring programme

Building on our previous programme's learning, we will provide a 12 week mentoring programme which will be tailored to each young person's situation. 

  • Monitor and follow up

Once a young person has completed the programme we will ensure that they are accessing the support they need.

  • Build local awareness of trafficking and sexual exploitation

We will support young people and the cause through outreach sessions at schools, youth centres, clubs and attendance of multiagency meetings/liaising with professionals. 

Palm Tree

The Palm Tree is funded by Children in Need and started in July 2015. The project is funded for three years.

It will provide activities to alleviate the disadvantages faced by unaccompanied asylum seeking children which manifest themselves as mental health and wellbeing issues.

A specialist Mental Health Worker will develop tailored programmes for 40 UASC per year who are assessed as suffering from, or being at risk of developing, mental health and wellbeing issues (e.g. depression, self-harming, panic attacks, suicidal feelings, paranoia, obsessive behaviour, etc).

Activities will be divided into four elements:

  • Therapeutic group work
  • Mentoring
  • Peer support
  • Signposting to other services

By minimising the risk factors that contribute to mental health problems, Palm Tree will reduce the disadvantages faced by young people improving their quality of life and thus reducing the risk of developing mental health problems.

We hope that Palm Tree will stop the cycle of poor mental health by teaching unaccompanied young people how to deal with the factors affecting their mental health and wellbeing in a positive and constructive way.

There will be much more news on Palm Tree over the coming months as the project gets underway. For information on how to refer to this project, please contact us.

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The average life expectancy in Sierra Leone is 46 for a man and 47 for a woman