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Our pledge to young people

A pledge is statement of commitment of intention. asphaleia's pledge includes a number of promises that we are committed to keep to ensure all young people in our care, studying or receiving support have positive experience. We see and believe in the potential of every young person we work with - we relish in seeing young people be successful and achieve, no matter where they have come from or what situations they are facing.

Everyone who works at asphaleia believes;

  • WE: are BIG on the potential of young people achieving
  • WE: will support your transition into further learning or employment
  • WE: know you may need support in some of the things you experience while you're with us
  • WE: will support your choices
  • WE: respect you for who you are and uphold a 'clean slate' for all
  • WE: have all had our own journeys and barriers to where we are today

asphaleia six pledges

1.    YOUR differences

YOU are part of what makes up equality and diversity at asphaleia. We welcome young people from different backgrounds and experiences- we understand not everyone sees things the same so be tolerant! Different is what makes asphaleia an exciting place to work and learn.

  • We treat everyone at asphaleia equally and with respect.
  • We offer every young person a 'clean slate', so it  doesn't matter to us what your background is, what you believe in, whether you have learning difficulties or a disability or where you come from-we respect you for who you are and believe every young person has the potential to succeed.

2.    YOUR health

We believe your health to be very important, as is your safety. Our team will support you to lead a healthy life in lots of different ways.

  • We will support you to lead a healthy lifestyle by giving you the opportunity to talk about things that are important to you.
  • We will give you guidance and information to enable you to access the right services and specialist support you may need.
  • We will work with you to build up your confidence and self esteem in areas of your life you feel is needed.
  • We will identify the skills which are important for you to live independently and happily.

3.    YOUR safety

Your health and safety is a top priority to us. We believe the best way for you to be successful is for us to ensure you feel safe and secure. We also believe that what you tell us is important and will be taken seriously.

  • Our team are committed to keep you safe.
  • If we think something might affect your safety, we will take action to protect you.
  • We will give you information, advice and guidance to help you make safer choices.
  • We will talk about what a positive lifestyle looks like and help you access what you need to have a safe and healthy life.
  • We support you to develop healthy and safe behaviours to get you through life, learning and work.

4.    YOUR Education

We believe in the value of learning and see potential in every young person no matter where their starting place is - every young person who accesses our services has the ability to make a valuable contribution to society.

  • We will support you to make the best choices in your education.
  • We will give you information about financial support you may be entitled to if you are studying with us or at college.
  • We will support you with any transitions you may experience at school or college.
  • We will develop your personal skills and work with you to remove barriers which may affect your learning.   

5.    YOUR voice

We think it's really important that all young people have their say in how we do things here. So here's a few things we do to get you involved;

  • Ask you how things are going and help you to make decisions about your care at review meetings.
  • Ask you about your experience at the end of your time with us.
  • Get you involved with interviews during recruitment of our new staff.
  • Ask you what you think about your education.
  • Online surveys.

6.    YOUR future

The world of work is exciting, daunting, full of opportunities and it's there for everyone!

We are committed to supporting young people to be work ready. The asphaleia '5 ticks' are important qualities we know employers are looking for in all their employees. Regardless of what type of job you go for, these are the important qualities to be aware of.

Our team will support you in;

  • Being motivated to work hard even if it is sometimes repetitive work.
  • Learning from what you are taught and the mistakes you might make so that you develop.
  • Listening to instructions and asking if you need help.
  • Being there.....on time and every day taking few if any days off.
  • Dressing to look right for the job you do.

We will also help you;

  • To write an up to date CV.
  • Job searching.
  • Apply for jobs.
  • Prepare for interviews.

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