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Our framework

At asphaleia we believe a clear framework of operation is essential for an effective and efficient professional service. We have established an operational framework for the asphaleia group built around the four key priority areas: delivery, quality, development and finance. These capture D - what we are doing, Q - how good it is, D - how we are progressing and F - how we are doing financially. From business plans to team meetings to staff recruitment, the framework is embedded in all aspects of our services to support asphaleia providing consistent, value for money, professional high quality services.

Delivery ‘what we are doing'

We aim to provide safe professional services, meeting the service requirements to the standard requested, on schedule, providing value for money. The leadership team manage and monitor ‘what we are doing' supported by an operational team providing;


  • Venture MIS and data analysis
  • * * Policy implementation and development including; Health & Safety, Equality & Diversity, Child Protection, Safeguarding, Data Protection, HR staff recruitment & continued professional development
  • Quality assurance management and implementation


Quality ‘how good it is'

We continually seek to deliver high and improving standards of services. We monitor ‘how good it is' through internal and external practises. These include;

  • Feedback from staff, professionals, service users
  • Observations of delivery (internal & external)
  • Setting & monitoring improving benchmarks of delivery

The current national recognised quality standards we hold are Investors in People (2003, 2006, 2009), MATRIX (2009,2013) and The Green Mark (2014). We are working towards achieving Hear by Right, Buttle and Invest in Careers. We are subject to inspection by Ofsted and contract purchasers and are committed to the volunteer investment charter.

Development ‘how we are progressing'

We continually seek to develop our services to increase our impact in line with new technology and society needs. We monitor ‘how we are progressing' by;

  • Listening to our service purchasers
  • Being part of local and national professional networks and forums
  • Investing in technology and staff development

Finance ‘how we are doing financially'

Sustained good financial management benefits service users, service purchasers and staff. We seek to provide value for money effective services and we monitor ‘how we are doing financially' through internal and external practises. These include;

  • Regular reporting to staff and service purchasers
  • Audit inspections by external agencies

* * Policies are available for reading by service users and professionals. Contact us here.

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