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about us

The asphaleia adventure began over 10 years ago in a sleepy seaside town called Worthing, West Sussex, when four colleagues left their existing place of work to join together and build an organisation from scratch, dedicated to impacting the lives of children and young people - looking back, it sounds a little crazy but those four individuals thought that working with children and young people was the best job in the world...and we haven't been proved wrong!

Last year we celebrated our 10 year anniversary - in that time we have moved from supporting just five young people in our very first project to working with well over 1000 children and young people every year. Those four people are immensely proud and thankful for the risk they took.

Our story

asphaleia House opened in March 1999 providing support to five newly arrived refugee children. Within four months it was full, with the majority of young people coming from Kosovo. Over the next few months other young people arrived from Somali, Eritrea, Congo and Rwanda.

And that was just the very beginning...what a journey it has been! From that small team in Worthing running two houses for refugee children, asphaleia now employs around 75 staff and delivers a range of impacting services in London, Kent, Sussex and West Africa.

Our charity asphaleia action was established in 2000 to enable the team to fully express their passion by being able to raise funds to respond to the needs of the most vulnerable children and young people wherever they may be. This desire has led us as far as Africa where we now employ a team of people working across two locations who have carried on the asphaleia adventure - find out more here.

asphaleia has developed into an organisation that works with all children and young people, but particularly those with some element of disadvantage impacting their lives.

We have developed with the efforts of a great staff team, home grown leadership and management and the support of a lot of professionals and friends. Children and young people have constantly been a part of our learning journey with both their direct and indirect feedback - we love that children and young people tend to be very frank and honest, so we get to improve our services all the time to ensure they are the best they can be.

The asphaleia group is made up of five ventures: action (our charity), boost consultancy, care, fostering and training. We use the word venture because it expresses our sense of adventure - it's how it started and it's how it remains today. Please take the time to visit their individual homepage to see the work that they do.

We set out our plans some time ago but have adapted to change and the needs of our clients along the way and that has brought us to where we are today. It's certainly a place to be proud of and we are. It is also a place where we move forward from with one eye firmly on the areas we need to improve on as well as another on the dreams we have yet to fulfil.

We hope our website stimulates you as you learn about our dreams of impacting as many children and young people as we can.

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what they say

"This is fun and new for me, I am going to enjoy helping other people my age that may have gone through similar experiences" 

Young person who is a peer mentor from AttachED 2016